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Solution to the garbage collection problem in the city of Rijeka.

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In this article, you will find more about our solution to the RI-HACK Hackathon’s problem.

The problem

For years, the city of Rijeka had a big problem with garbage collection. Trash bins were always filled up, there were often not enough trash bins on the streets. Since the trash bins were mostly filled up, most of the time people had to leave their trash next to the trash bin. This causes a bad smell and makes citizens of Rijeka uncomfortable. The solution needed to be a platform, application, or any program that would solve or help solve this problem.

The solution

We came up with a platform that helps people to report garbage overflow, messy streets, and order trash bins for massive waste as well as special cleaning services such as leaf blowing and grass cutting. This way, the cleaning company would stay notified of any waste problems and it would help them stay in business.

Our mobile app also has an option to start public cleaning events. These are big public events where citizens would meet up and clean their city together. This platform has an admin side as well. Admins are authorized employees of the cleaning company that makes sure every waste report, service order, or public event is seen and taken care of. Citizens have access to a map that shows locations and the amount of left-over storage in every trash bin. Admins on the other hand, not only can they see the amount of storage left in the trash bins, but they can also choose an option that calculates the best possible route for collecting the waste from all the trash bins that have been filled up to at least 80%.

This option calculates the best route for the garbage trucks to follow, which saves the company gas money, lowers the company’s C02 emissions, and gives approximate information on how much trash will be picked up.

You’ve read it all

Thanks for reading the article. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.